Why I'm here and why I do what I do

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Perhaps it sounds too absract but I do believe everyone’d better be aware of reasons for doing anything. As deep as possible. They say, when you reach a certain depth you reveal that there has been nothing in the very core all this time. Maybe. Or no. But anyway, until you go that deep you won’t know and won’t even be able to embrace this idea. So until then, let us have some why’s and because’s. Let us ask ourselves whether what’s going on suits us.

Positively, there’re two states (and endless combinations of these two): when you’re satisfied, and when you’re not. You should compare what makes you more happy: a bottle of wine or that feeling when you’ve just helped someone? What kind of happiness lasts longer for you? Isn’t it harmful and destructive? Think two, five, a hundred steps ahead, what will bring you that happiness—and fun.

IT community is a symbiotic ecosystem. Here you understand very quickly how things work. You can’t know everything, just accept it, and you inevitably ask for help. Others help you willingly—because it’s awesome and because someone else helps them. And so you help others. Thus we have this circulation of kindness. Thus envy, rumours, aggression are deleted species among us.

I like it so much that I consider this as one of main reasons why I do what I do. If all people in the world behaved in a similar way, we could create a true paradise.

Another reason to be here is making things people will use right away. I try to make their experience comfortable—in terms of system I have, design I get, deadline I’m on. I do my best, I crave for perfection and mastering the skill. This gives me a neverending opportunities to learn, and learning is what I love and what one should never stop doing.

Also, my job doesn’t bring any damage to the outer world, it’s totally safe and eco-friendly.

In the end, as Roman says, “I’m having fun”.

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